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For 30 years I’ve worked in the insurance industry designing solutions to meet the specific needs of my clients.  I have expertise across medical, business risk, personal risk and life insurance and have a deep knowledge of the industry as well as the many insurance providers across New Zealand.  I also work closely with a nationwide network of top advisors, ensuring wherever in the country you go you will always have access to the services and solutions you need.

Often a family or business is looking for protection to cover more than a single need.  My experience and the network of insurers I have nurtured over the years means I can act across the full range of my clients needs ensuring the right options and package at the right price.

Best Choice. Made Easy

I provide reliable advice, handling the complexities and technicalities of selecting and preparing your solution.  My aim is to make your efforts to protect your family and interests easier and better.  Lastly, I am there to help navigate the critical claims process should the need arise.

It is always satisfying when a policy is signed and I see the visible relaxation in the eyes of people who know they have invested in their future wellbeing.  Even more, the look of relief and gratitude in their eyes when they have had cause to submit a claim and have just learned they will have what they need, when they or their loved one’s need it most.

Insurance to me is a no brainer.  It always has been.  Why wouldn’t you strengthen the arms of protection you extend around your loved ones when it is so easy and affordable?

It would be a pleasure to learn about your situation and needs and discussing how I may be able to help.

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Have your circumstances changed?

It’s amazing how quickly everything is changing these days, however, we seldom review things like our mortgage or our insurance to ensure they still fit our changing circumstances. If you have already made the investment to protect with insurance, we would happily review and assess your existing cover, at no cost, so you can rest assured your current and future needs will be met. Call us on (06) 377 3763 for an over the phone review or email us here.

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